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Commodore Power Bank (Sale in China only)

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$15.99Sale Price

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  • Wireless Charger and Power Bank Design: This battery charger is a combination of a fast wireless charger pad and a portable mobile power supply for fast charging of the devices you need to charge.
  • Power Bank 25000mAh Capacity: 25000mAh external battery with huge capacity can charge iPhone X around 7 times, Galaxy S8 6 times, iPad Pro 2 times and other Android Devices multiple times. Suitable for a business trip or other outdoor activities.
  • Portable Charger with Dual Input & 3 Output: The portable power bank can recharge with a cord either micro USB or Type-C about 10-11 hours thanks to the 2.4 amp input. 3 outputs (5V / 2.4A) which allow charge 3 devices simultaneously.
  • Fashionable LCD Of Phone Charger: LCD power display can accurately keep track of remaining power, input, and output status. Black and white matches make it more fashion and cool.


  • 无线充电器和移动电源设计:这款Commodore充电器结合了无线快速充电器垫和便携式移动电源,可为您需要充电的设备快速充电。
  • 25000毫安容量:25000毫安容量的外置电池可以为iPhone X充电7次左右,Galaxy S8 6次,iPad Pro 2次和其他安卓设备多次充电。适合出差或其他户外活动。
  • 双输入和3输出便携式充电器:由于2.4安培输入,便携式移动电源可以使用micro USB或Type-C线充电约10-11小时。 3个输出(5V / 2.4A),可同时为3个设备充电。
  • 时尚液晶显示器:液晶电源显示器可以准确跟踪剩余电量,输入和输出状态。黑白配色更时尚,更酷。
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