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Commodore Portable Charger (Sale in China only)

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  • User-friendly Design: This Portable Charger has three different cables, can provide the vast majority of electronic devices for charging, and it also has the USB out port. The built-in AC plug (110-240V) can be charged with an electrical outlet.
  • Large Capacity: The power bank is 10000mAh battery capacity, you can use it repeatedly during the travel. With built-in LED lights, you can know the remaining battery capacity to better respond to a variety of unexpected situations.

  • Convenience: Commodore External battery pack only 16cm, ultra-thin design, and lightweight, which make it easier to carry, built-in AC plug and cable are collapsible, will not give you too much trouble when carrying out.

  • The Scope of Application: Commodore Portable Power Bank is compatible fair enough, you can charge iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and other mobile phones and electronic devices. Not only that, but it can also be used for tablet PCs, digital cameras, game consoles and MP3 / MP4 player and so on.

  • Service: If you have any questions about our items, please contact us anytime, we will reply you within 24 hours.


  • 人性化设计:这款Commodore便携式充电器有三种不同的电缆,可以为绝大多数电子设备提供充电功能,并且还具有USB输出端口。内置AC插头(110-240V)可以通过电源插座充电。

  • 容量大:移动电源容量为10000毫安,可以在旅途中反复使用。通过内置LED灯,您可以了解剩余电池容量,以更好地应对各种意外情况。

  • 便利性:Commodore外置电池组仅16cm,超薄设计,轻巧,便于携带,内置AC插头和线缆均可折叠,在使用时不会给您带来太大麻烦。

  • 适用范围:Commodore便携式移动电源兼容性强大,可以为iPhone,三星,HTC等手机和电子设备充电。不仅如此,它还可以用于平板电脑,数码相机,游戏机和MP3 / MP4播放器等。

  • 服务:如果您对我们的产品有任何疑问,请随时与我们联系,我们将在24小时内回复您。

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