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Commodore iPhone Xs Max shatter-resistant mobile phone case (Sale in China only)

$29.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price

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  • Commodore mobile phone case is made of anti-drop cushioning PC material + elastic silicone, which resists falling and avoids abrasion and abrasion of the body.
  • Higher than the screen design, once again upgrade and innovation of all-around protection.
  • Lightweight design, play games, more cooling, and heat dissipation is faster.
  • Invisible ring brackets, free hands, and willingly pursue drama.
  • The precise hole position does not affect the data cable and headphone jack.


  • Commodore手机壳采用抗摔缓震的PC材质+弹性硅胶,抗摔的同时避免机身刮花磨损。
  • 高于屏幕的设计,全方位保护的再一次升级和革新。
  • 轻薄设计,玩游戏更爽,散热更快。
  • 隐形指环支架,解放双手,任性追剧,另附车载装置。
  • 精准孔位,不影响数据线和耳机插孔。
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